3 Proven Advertising Ideas For Your Therapy Practice

June 2, 2016

therapy advertising

What’s the best way to grow your therapy practice?

Lots of new clients, of course!

But how do you attract new people to your practice and convert them into paying clients?

SEO for your therapy practice may be one area you want to focus on. But there are other options including advertising strategies that could work in your favor.

Here are some of the most cost-effective advertising options to attract new clients and help more people.

Google Adwords

Advertising in Google search results might be the most effective advertising a therapist can do. There are millions of people searching for therapy services in online search engines, and you can attract some of those local searchers.

As you can see below, a Google Adwords campaign allows you to appear to searchers before organic and Google local searches. This gives your practice the unique opportunity to be the first options that local searchers see.

therapy advertising

But running an effective Google Adwords campaign can be challenging! Experience is required to run a campaign that’s cost-effective and brings in enough clients to be profitable.

That being said, an experienced advertising agency will allow you to take advantage of people in your area searching for depression or anxiety support locally.

seo for therapists searches

(We run Google Adwords campaigns for select clients. They show great returns and always come out profitable!)


This is a more modern marketing technique that will give you an advantage over other therapists in your area that aren’t yet implementing this strategy.

Here’s how it works:

1. Someone visits your site.


2. They leave without contacting you or requesting an appointment.


3. Later they see your retargeted ad on other websites, Facebook, Twitter, and even on mobile devices and in mobile apps.


4. Their interest is recaptured and they return to your site to request an appointment!


Think of retargeting as a friendly reminder to someone that they were interested in your practice. Even if they left your website, they’re welcome back to review pricing or request an appointment anytime.

This is some of the most effective therapy advertising you can do since it’s targeting people who have already showed interest in your practice.

(We have a robust Adroll account which we use for various clients. We’d highly recommend using them!)

Advertising on Social Media

One of the most important things to remember about advertising for your therapy practice is to place ads where your potential clients are actively engaged.

Most therapists should target teenagers or young adults who are in need of support. Most of that audience is constantly engaged in social media.

Using Facebook ads for users who like your Facebook page or Twitter ads for users who follow you can be a highly effective strategy for attracting new students to your practice. Running a campaign isn’t always easy, with some experimentation, you’ll find the perfect message to make potential clients feel comfortable contacting you.

(We run Facebook ads for clients as well as our own business! It’s a friendly way to send therapists to our blog or remind them of any new services that we’re offering.)

If you’ve read this far, you’re surely dedicated to growing your practice and helping more people. Take it upon yourself to try at least one of the above strategies. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it could be the beginning of a huge period of growth for your practice!

Josh Meah CEO Therapist Marketing

Josh is the CEO of Mindset Market. His goal is to be the marketing and business development partner of therapy practices around the world, supporting them so that they can help others.