We love our website design templates, and if you haven’t seen them, we encourage you to browse them here; however, some of our clients like to customize their Ferrari, so to speak, and we get that. So let’s talk about building the website of your dreams.

Why would I want a custom website design?

Our founder was once told during grief counseling about therapy that “it’s the relationship that heals”; while some forms of therapy value the relationship between counselor and client as the driving healing factor more than others, it is clearly essential that trust exist among participants.

For this reason, a custom therapy website is a special opportunity for a therapist to craft an exact presentation, which is useful for expressing yourself as authentically as possible. Perceived comfort level with a practitioner is valuable for encouraging clients to contact you as well as retaining those clients long-term.

A custom website maximizes the amount of “you” present in the design; all of the choices and expressions are your own (with our assistance, of course). A website precisely your own is more likely to attract clients who would be a good fit for your practice, which means more fulfilling work, better outcomes, and a greater probability that clients stay with you longer term.

What is the process for building a custom website?

When building a custom website, you’ll work with your dedicated marketing and design consultant from start to finish. This is our process:

Practice Concept Assessment: You’ll complete a survey or phone interview that details your practice specialization, the clients you seek, your tonal preferences (e.g. nature imagery, bright colors, etc.), your favorite writers, and a variety of other factors that would help us understand you and your practice.

Multimedia Collection and Development: We’ll collect or develop the personalized assets, such as photos of you and your office, video statements, pre-existing logo files, art you’ve created, or anything else that you would like featured in your website. If you are not happy with your professional photo or would like an in-person video of your office, we will help you find a photographer or videographer. Or, to save money, you can take the photos or video yourself. We edit these files in-house and are able to brighten photos, add music to videos, and much more.

Homepage Design Presentation: We will use the information provided to create homepage concepts. You can select in advance the number of option concepts you would like to review.

Interior Page Presentation: We will develop designs for the interior of the website, such as for the services pages, about page, etc. You will have the opportunity to revise these as well.

Coding and Publishing: The last phase consists of coding the website, which means developing the website from the design and ensuring it fits across multiple device types and screen sizes. The website will be published wherever you choose, whether it be a private server or our own server environment. We will also help you select a website name if you do not have one already.

Revisions and Ongoing Support: Depending on the custom package you select, you may use our team on an ongoing basis for website edits, adding features, or improving website security. You may also elect to cease our relationship for now. Either way, you will have a beautiful, pixel-perfect web-design for your practice.

*Custom website purchasers are also eligible for our marketing add-on services, such as custom social media, blogging, AdWords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), logo and brand design, and payment and booking tool integration.

What is the price for a custom website?

Prices vary depending on the degree of customization, but generally you can expect a minimum total fee of $3,500. Upon inquiring for a custom web-design, you will first speak with your prospective marketing and design consultant, who will learn about your goals and expectations. You will then be provided a tiered proposal, which includes multiple options to choose from. The proposal writing fee is a non-refundable $150, which is put toward the overall cost of the project if you elect to work with us.

Please call us to discuss a custom website for your therapy practice, or complete the form below.